Jabalí is the most difficult agave to distill because it produces the smallest output of all the agaves used in mezcal distillation. It is the only one of our mezcals which goes through a triple distillation. Jabalí has very robust and complex flavour that possess herbal and minty tones, accompanied by an aftertaste that features zapotecan plums. We consider this the king of the mezcals.



  • 100% wild jabali agave.
  • Elaborated in the traditional way from the finest capon agaves.
  • Naturally fermented with spring water.
  • Chemical-free and no added flavors.
  • Double discontinued distillation in a copper alembic.
  • Cone-shaped stone oven.
  • Distilled with oak firewood.
  • Ground in a horse-drawn mill.
  • Double supervision by master distillers Cosme and Daniel Hernández Martínez.
  • Bottled with the highest standards and quality within the artesanal craft industry.
  • An exclusive product due to its careful distillation process and the rarity of the agave.
  • Ancestral legacy in a unique drink.
  • Produced in the Zapotec mountains of San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca.
  • Scientific name: Agave Convallis
  • Years to maturity: 25 years.
  • Artisanal production: 50 kilos per liter.
  • Also known as: Cuche, Lobo.
  • Fun facts: : It is the most difficult agave to distill, with the lowest production and requires the most years to mature.
  • Tasting notes: Strong and intense flavor in the palate. Spicy and leaves an aftertaste of grandma’s remedies.

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